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Ruby is not yet a year old. Currently unspayed but is vaccinated and microchipped. Here is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Ruby is an 11 month old Staffy cross Malinois..  She is brindle with white chest pattern and cute white socks.  She is Staffy sized (small) but with huge Mali ears.

My knock on the door was greeted by a lot of barking.  Ruby was placed in a cage and left to bark it out for approx. 10 mins and then taken outside in the garden where she was encouraged to play with her ball which she happily did and ignored me.  This is the usual routine for any visitors as if let out she apparently jumps up and barks and is too ‘full on’.

She is incredibly treat driven (chicken) and also ball/play driven.  She seems super smart (Mali brain) and watches you for instruction.  She knows, sit, down, up, wait, leave etc.  They have not attempted proper lead or off lead walking yet as walking her is very stressful for the owner.  I was advised that she pulls constantly, barks, jumps and lunges to other dogs and consequently she has not yet been socialised at all.

Once she remembered I was there in the garden she said hello nicely and takes treats very gently indeed. She does try to jump up and has sharp little claws.  She also tries to mouth your hands a little but in a gummy way and not a painful one.  She has a ton of energy and would have played ball with me constantly if I didn’t have a pesky form to fill in.

Ruby appeared very gentle around the 2 year old grandson who lives there but is very lively and bouncy and I was told she has inadvertently knocked him over a few times.When she does (eventually) calm down she is very cuddly and likes to be close to you (Staffy side)).

I took Ruby for a 20 mins walk to a local field.  She pulled a lot and weaved all over the place.  She went into full on play mode on the field and ran with me, pulled her own lead, jumped about a lot and found a nice big stick to play with.  She has so much energy and currently no outlet for it.  A ball flinger in a secure field would be heaven.  I found a lovely volunteer with a dog to test her reaction and although she did pull a lot it was with very waggy tail and she wanted to play.  The dogs said hello nicely and Ruby was very (very) excited and bouncy which is not to every dogs liking.  A second dog passing provided another test as it barked at her, her reaction was to lay down.  She did not bark once on out walk.  She attempted to pull me towards a cat on a wall on the way back.  She can always seem to regain focus for a treat though.

This girl could be a lot of fun indeed, she just hasn’t been trained or socialised yet.  She seems so clever though that in the right hands I feel that she could be astonishing.  She has the right name, she is a little gem 😊”

Ruby has been adopted.

Essex - IN HOME
DOB 16.6.20
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