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Whisky is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what her current owner says about her.

Whisky is an 18-month-old female, sable, German Shepherd with semi-length coat. She is not neutered and she had her last season about a month ago. She is micro-chipped. Her flea/worm treatment and vaccinations are due soon. She has no known food allergies and no disclosed medical conditions. She has lived in her current home since she was 8 weeks old when she was bought from the local breeder. She is very good and no problem at all when visiting the vets. Whisky is a very affectionate, gentle girl.

Whisky is being rehomed as she has started to fight with the other two resident female dogs, a spaniel and a Kelpie. All three bitches are entire and were in season in quick succession. The last fight caused injury to one of the resident bitches which required veterinary care. The fights started when Whisky was about 14 months old (3 fights in total, each worsening in severity).

Whisky is described as being good with children from the age of 16 months, however, due to the fighting between the dogs in the house, the owner/children are now wary of her. She has never shown aggression towards a person and has never bitten anybody. She gets on ok with male dogs and gets along fine with the frequently visiting male dog at the farm (a pointer). Recent events may suggest not female dogs at present.

Her reaction to cats is not known and her owner has never had any issues around livestock, which are generally secured in their fields (lives on working farm).
Whisky will bark when somebody visits the home to notify the owners but does not bark excessively. She is rarely left alone as there is always somebody around on the farm. She does not have much experience of travelling in a car and will get car sick at present. She is indoors and outdoors throughout the day but will sleep indoors overnight. She is housetrained.

Whisky is described as being strong on the lead but is rarely walked on one, she generally just meanders around the farm all day. She will come when her name is called and will sit when asked. She does not show any sign of food aggression with humans but her current owner believes that one of the fights Whisky has had with the resident bitches may have started over a bone whilst outside. She really loves bones with marrow to chew. She is not hugely interested in toys or treats but does like to play with a specific type of ball. She is not bothered by fireworks.

Whiskey has found her home through another rescue – Be happy little girl.

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