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Winter is about 2 years old. She is not spayed or vaccinated but is microchipped.  Winter urgently needs a new home please! This is what our volunteer said about her:

Winter has been living in the garden.  Recently they bought a tortoise that they also kept in the small garden and Winter killed it whilst playing with it.  The owner cannot forgive her for this and the family have shut down towards her.  She is fed ad-lib and was having no human contact.  A neighbour and friend took her in, with a view to rehoming but unfortunately the situation has arisen with her own 12 year old Jack Russell bitch becoming jealous of Winter meaning that they have had to be kept separated and this has proven too difficult in a small house, with Winter being kept in the downstairs cloakroom much of the time.  So Winter has gone back to her garden.

Winter is a very nice cream/white GSD bitch.  She does not have a pedigree, but is clearly GSD although small, even for a bitch.  She has a lovely temperament and is used to children of all ages and is very good with them.  She has not had proper socialisation and although veterinary care is all up to date, she has not been groomed and will try and lick and follow you with her tongue if you stroke down her body.

Since being in her foster home, she has been groomed and is getting better, has learnt basic commands and has become dedicated to the mum in the house, is very good with her children a teenage boy and younger girl.  Her first family were all female and her foster mum has deliberately introduced her to other people when out, noticing that she is wary of “full on” males.  She is also supposed to have bitten a male in kennels when they put her there just after the tortoise incident, but she is a real softy and what I have been told and seen, must have been provoked.

Winter’s foster mum has cleaned one of her ears, but cannot do the other one and Winter let me have a good look and there is evidence of crustiness and mild infection that would benefit from prompt attention.

Very intelligent and quick to learn, she is good on the lead, but as her confidence has grown she has become a bit strong.  I believe that Winter will make someone a wonderful dog and I would not hesitate to welcome her into my own home if my circumstances were different.

Winter has now gone to another rescue.

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