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This handsome lad is Yoshi who will be 7 in October. He is microchipped but still entire and we are told he is vaccinated. Yoshi is good with children, dogs and cats but is being rehomed because he has severe separation anxiety and his owner’s job is changing meaning he will have to be left longer hours.

“On arrival he did not bark.  He was extremely friendly and was eager to say hello.  He wanted lots of fussing and was happy to give kisses.  He stayed with us for a while and then went and sat in another room and settled.  Historically he has been ok with other dogs and in fact has enjoyed their company.  The owner advises he seems more settled when another dog is around.  He does suffer from bad separation anxiety and constantly barks when the owners are out.  If he is left for more than half hour forty mins he will chew and now has to be crated when the owner goes out.  He has also started escaping so the new owner will need a very secure house/garden.

Recently there have been a couple of incidents with other dogs where is has gone for them.  The current owner cannot think of any triggers that would have caused this as he previously was really good with other dogs.  The last incident was mid-July which was initiated by the other dog being possessive over a ball and was guarding, so Yoshi just reacted.

He has not met another dog since so we are unsure of whether these are isolated incidents.  Before these incidents he was definitely better with another dog in the house and loves playing.

The existing owner has two children under 10 and he is absolutely fine with them.  He is a lovely dog and very much loves people. The new owners would need to deal with his separation anxiety and he would possibly be better with another dog in the house with careful intro’s.”

For someone that is home the majority of the time, or has a calm bitch he may bound with, this lad would be a super, loving addition to any home.

Yoshi has been rehomed by his owner.

West Sussex - IN HOME
DOB 14.10.16
Good with children:
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
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