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Zara is 8 years young. She is unspayed but is vaccinated and microchipped. Zara is good with children but selective with dogs and no to cats.

This girl is only being rehomed as her family are now having to work long hours and she is not happy with this and the barking protests is now upsetting the neighbours.  This is what our volunteer had to say about Zara:

“What an absolutely delightful dog. She greeted me at the front door with excitement. Not even the slightest hint of aggression. When I sat down she sat and then lay down for a treat straight away. Throughout the initial part of the assessment she was very excited and wanted constant fuss and attention. She is long haired and although her coat is in good condition she is “shedding” at the moment. Teeth and nails are in good condition. She does not look 8 years old! Only issue is she looked slightly overweight but difficult to tell under all that fur and easy to rectify with exercise. Told she does not have any food allergies and she is not a greedy dog, she is currently fed once in the morning and will eat it throughout the day.

I am told that she does not react to loud noises or the doorbell; she lives with a baby and a teenager. She has never shown any aggression towards people and does not have any possession issues. Whilst on the walk I gave her a ball and she allowed me to take it back from her without any problem. She also allowed me to examine her feet, ears and teeth.

She is being left for 10 hours a day at the moment, in a garden that backs onto a park. Consequently she is barking a lot at people and dogs that go past, then again so would I.

When I took her out on the walk she was very excited and pulled on the lead but she is not getting a lot of exercise at the moment so that is to be expected. During the walk we met several dogs on and off lead, she did get very excited about wanting to say hello but there was no sign of aggression even when one of the dogs snarled and barked at her. She will need to be taught how to socialise with other dogs but purely because she gets too excited and so needs to be taught to greet them calmly.

In the right home with somebody at home part or all of the day who is prepared to exercise her and socialise her with other dogs she will make a fantastic family pet. Don’t be put off by the fact she is 8 years old, there is plenty of life and love left in this girl.

If I had room I would not hesitate in adopting her today.”

Zara’s owners have advised us she has a new home now.

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