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Zuki is coming up to 3 years old. She is not spayed and has come into season this month (June) Vaccinations are out of date but she is microchipped.

Zuki has been with her owners since a pup but suffers with separation anxiety and is very nervous of new people until she knows them. Due to this older children only. We are told she is not good with other dogs but does live with a male Staffie. She only barks at dogs when on the lead but has not been allowed to meet them off lead. She does live with cats but will chase any others.

Zuki needs more work on the lead and general socialisation to boost her confidence. She does have recall and basic commands. There is a lovely girl in there just waiting to blossom.

This lovely young girl is in a busy environment and just needs a home that has the time and experience she so desperately needs. Once she got to know our volunteer she just wanted kisses and cuddles. Can you give Zuki a home please?

Zuki’s mum was not coping so she has come into the kennels where her vaccinations have been started and she will get lots of socialisation.

Here is what one of our volunteers has to say about Zuki:

“Met this nervous bundle of sweetness yesterday for the first time – I’m sure her stay in kennels will not be very long.

So what did I find out about her:
• Petite & thin – but I think you’ll agree she’s stunning?
• She’s not used to being on a lead – it didn’t bother her but she was jumping up and not too sure about walking etiquette so this will need working on.
• basic commands need working on
• Not fussed by passing cars close by
• Happy to watch (5 in total) other dogs being walked opposite way on single track road – as soon as she spotted them from a distance she was on alert, looking back to me for reassurance, but only let out a small bark at one of them
• Wary of cyclist & runner but no barking, just observed
• Super nervous – of everything, therefore looks to handler for reassurance
• Loves cuddles & kisses

Zuki is a very cute young lady who needs the right owner to teach her all she needs to know about life. She seems to have a cracking personality just waiting to burst out 🐾💜”

Zuki has found herself a home.


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