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Asterix will be a year old in November. He is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois who is microchipped and we are told vaccinated. Not yet neutered. Being rehomed as his owners are struggling with his behaviour. This is what our volunteer has to say:

“Asterix is both food and toy orientated and responds well. Majority of issues are more when he is outside the home – reactive by barking and lunging to people and/or other dogs. Hyper stimulated to his environment and external distractions, re-direction helps to a degree but Asterix loses interest in that re-direction quickly.

Inside the home he is playful, young and excitable. Sometimes will settle quickly when tired out and settles on his own. However, will whine when left in a room by himself but hasn’t destroyed anything in the room.

On walking he reacts to others too close to him. He is better when male family member walks him and is around in the home than when it is just the female. When walking Asterix a harness is used with a double lead; never tried him with a halti as he doesn’t like anything  over his muzzle. Therefore, also not muzzle trained.

Asterix was very excitable when I went to visit. He jumped up and mouthed but did not bite. The owners use multiple commands that Asterix will follow and then start again and get very excited. He would excel at scentwork, track and trace or a working environment where he will have to think. I don’t think he has a preference to a male or female handler but in the home he is responding better to the male.

Overall Asterix is very excitable young man who needs a chance to expend his energy to enable him to focus. When this is done he responds very well.”

Do you have the breed experience and time to help Asterix please?

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