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Bailey, was renamed Diesel, was first rehomed in February 2020 however his adopter has changed jobs and no longer trusts him at home with his elderly mother as he can be very selective about people. This is Bailey’s history:

“May  Introduce Bailey who is just 15 months old. Still entire and no record of vaccination but we are told he is microchipped. Not much is known about poor Bailey as he has been shoved from pillar to post in his short life. He has only been in his current home a couple of weeks, not an experienced home, and they are rehoming as when a food delivery arrived, the owner’s brother tried to put him in another room and Bailey was not having it.  However, when our volunteer went to assess him, this is what she said:

“ As I rang the doorbell Bailey was put in the kitchen with a muzzle on. I let him sniff me all over and we let him out. He was panting for a few minutes but settled down quickly. Within 5 minutes his muzzle was taken off. He was very interested in the treats I brought. Bailey offered basic behaviour, sit, down, paw etc. He loved to have cuddles and was very polite.”

This lad just needs an experienced home that can help Bailey on the right path moving forward where he will feel confident and relaxed, without the fear of being moved on again through no real fault of his own.””

Diesel is coming up to 3 years of age and is now neutered and fully vaccinated. He has a long way to go still with accepting people and is very protective of his person. He has been socialised with a few other dogs with careful introduction and now walks out with them quite happily. A definite no to cats and children.

Currently in kennels he was displaying signs of nervous aggression currently and was given time and space to learn to trust and accept, however after only just a week, he decided this going out to play lark was actually quite fun!

This lad is going to need a very experienced home to continue getting him on track, and it will need to be child free with minimal people traffic. To date he has been no trouble since being with us and has accepted new people quite quickly.

Bailey did not have the best start in life and deserves another chance at a home.

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