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Rudy is being rehomed due to a change in work meaning he is being left far too long on his own. He is microchipped and vaccinated and neutered. Unknown with children so older children only, ok with other dogs but quite boisterous which of course could upset some dogs, and unknown with cats.

This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“Upon Knocking at the door I can hear him barking.  Rudy was locked in the Conservatory but could see me through the glass door and was barking and jumping at the door.  I sensed it was excitement and not aggression. Whilst filling out the paperwork Rudy calmed down a bit but was still barking every time I moved. Rudy was then muzzled and put on a lead to be brought into the room.  He was then lunging to try to get to me. He was told no and praised when he calmed down.  Rudy slowly got nearer to me and eventually took a couple of treats from me that I had been holding in my hand by my side.

Going for a short walk Rudy walks very well on the lead no pulling as wasn’t bothered by my presence. When we got back Rudy was put in his crate where he settled well whilst we finished talking. Rudy seems to be very protective towards his owner, especially in the house.  Rudy recently had to have his nails clipped and a local groomer agreed to do this. Rudy was muzzled for this but the groomer sent the owner a video showing him laying on the floor having belly rubs and cuddles and being very happy to be there.

The owner is only looking to re home Rudy due to a change in his circumstances which means that Rudy if left home alone for 8 hours plus a day which he don’t feel is right for the dog. Rudy seems to be ok being left and non destructive. I have been told Rudy has good recall when off lead and is not interested in other dogs.  He has good sit, down, centre which is bringing the dog round in between the legs and sit wait. Rudy is very keen to learn.”

Rudy just needs a home experienced with the breed that can give him the exercise and stimulation a dog of his age needs please.

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Essex - IN HOME
DOB 31.10.21 (est)
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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