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Barney was adopted from GSRE in April 2014 after his previous family couldn’t keep him due to a marital split. Tragically, Barney’s daddy died recently and so he finds himself back with GSRE through no fault of his own.

Barney is 9 years young and a real ball of adorable fluff that loves to remain active. In 2013 Barney had his right eye removed due to a tumour.  This doesn’t bother him in any way and the problem is all sorted now.

Barney would like to say to his prospective mum or dad…well in addition to.. ADOPT ME PLEASE!!

Please don’t be put off that I am 9 years young.. I love to go on long walks and sniff everything.  I am good with other dogs as long as they are nice to me, which I think is fair.  I have lived with a bitch in my previous home so could do so again, although I really love all the attention on me!

I have paid attention to my training and I walk like a good boy on the lead.  I am also very clever as I have learnt all of these commands – sit, down, wait, stay, leave, rollover, high five, give paw!  But if you would like to teach me new things I am happy to learn…as this old dog will learn new tricks!

I love cuddles and being brushed and will lie for ages if you are touching my fluff as I find it so relaxing and therapeutic.  Which is good because I really do have a lot of fluff for you to brush….I hate knots so if you adopt me please be prepared to brush me..LOTS!

One thing I have to tell you though is that I am a real nosy boots…I will stick my nose in anything and am very inquisitive when meeting new people…I look at it that its more love, cuddles and treats which is a result in my book as I love treats…did I say I love treats and cuddles?  I must say in my defence though that I take my treats gently like a good boy. I would be okay around children as long as they were respectful of me. Oh and another reason I am amazing (apparently) is if you leave food out on a table although I really want it I don’t touch it…That’s something called brownie points I believe.

Whilst I love being around people I am also happy to be left on my own if you really have to go out for around 3-4 hours…but you better leave me with a dentastick or equally yummy treat to make up for abandoning me!!!  That is if you really have to leave me because I love going in the car….

Whilst out on my walkies I am okay with recall but I can be selective with distractions…but my foster mum says this is ‘work in progress’.. guess that translates to don’t ignore the boss..ooops! I have to come back now because otherwise they hide from me and I certainly DO NOT like that..I mean it turns the fluff up on the back of my neck as I am worried they have left me…so I have learnt really quickly to stay close by and to listen…well most times.

Okay, so I hear you all say he cannot be that perfect well okay I do have a couple of little foibles and it’s that I really don’t like cats, squirrels or livestock as I like to chase them.  Which I understand is very naughty but is such great fun I cannot stop myself.

So this is me B for Barney..also for Big, Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant.  Could you be my new family?  Because if so please come visit me and I will do my best to bowl you over with my handsome looks and good behaviour…or at least cover you in fluff!

Barney is staying with his foster mum and dad!

“Barney Bear has one last important announcement to make. He wishes to thank everyone who has helped him with his journey and sent healing thoughts over the last nearly 11 months since he adopted us…

However, it is with a crushed heart, that I have to say that this morning Barney collected his wings, as it was his time to fly.

He passed away cuddled in my arms, in his most favourite of places, Selsley Common.

On behalf of Barney and I, we must say a huge, massive heartfelt thank you to the ladies that helped us morning.

Barney, you have left your mum with a massive hole in her heart. Life now seems a much darker place but the stars will shine brighter tonight.

Sleep tight my precious precious fluff ball, I am sorry we didn’t have longer, but we will one day meet again, wait patiently my boy.”



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