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Barney was 2 in June. He is microchipped, vaccinated and now neutered. This is what our volunteer had to say about him having assessed him in his home:

“Barney is a happy, healthy, and bouncy GSD. He’s very intelligent and eager to learn and please his family. Barney belongs to a loving family who meets all of his needs and then some, but unfortunately, there appears to have been a breakdown in the relationship between Barney and his dog mum. Barney seems to have lost trust in his dog mum and therefore doesn’t allow her to be affectionate towards him, doesn’t like her in his space, and growls at her telling her to stay away but Barney has not snapped at her or attempted to nip at or bite her (but has shown teeth).

The owners have 3 grandchildren: 6, 12 & 14 years old and Barney is perfectly well-behaved with them but due to Barney’s bouncy nature and size the family has advised that he would be better suited to a household with older children (12 and over) to avoid him accidentally knocking over a small child.

Barney’s family are devoted to him and has sought help from various trainers and behaviourists but nobody to date has been able to help rebuild the relationship and much-needed trust between Barney and his mum. This truly is a heart breaking situation for the family.

With his dad, Barney is a superstar. A completely different dog – he’s engaged, focused, affectionate, and pretty much his dad’s shadow.

Commands that Barney knows and performs: sit, down, wait, stay, come close, back, paws on, touch (but instead of touching your hand with his nose, Barney will give you a high five instead), leave and off. Barney is food/treat motivated, housetrained, and fine with traffic, and fireworks but needs to learn to switch off and relax.

Barney will need work walking on the lead as he can and does pull and can sometimes react to other dogs whilst out on walks. As Barney is still young and learning he can be a bit unsure and nervous and will need to learn to recall.

Barney does resource guard around food and this again is something that will need to be worked on.

Barney is like most GSDs and can have a sensitive tummy but has a healthy appetite and is currently fed Burns Sensitive (Pork & Potato) twice a day – once at 7am and then again at 7pm.”

Barney went into foster with a view to adopt however after a couple of months it was decided he was in the wrong environment. He still had issues with the female of the house, even though a different female, so definitely needs a male owner or male only home.

Barney is now in kennels and to date we have not had any issues with him although he definitely favours men. He has been introduced to a couple of dogs briefly with no problems, but this will be worked on further. He will also be booked in to be neutered.

Barney will need a very GSD experienced male home to excel please.

Barney was 2 in June. He is microchipped, vaccinated and now neutered.

Barney has been adopted.


DOB 6.6.21
Good with children:
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