Beau (10)

This young lady is Beau who is a GSD cross. About 3 years of age, Beau is now vaccinated and microchipped. Now spayed as well.

Beau came into us from the pound. She was terrified and will need an experienced home to continue to give her confidence. We would not rehome with young children. Beau had a spell in a foster home but took a real dislike to the dad which would imply at some point in her life it has been a man that has abused her. It is nervous aggression she shows. Unfortunately the resident bitch felt she needed to protect her dad which started causing problems between the dogs.

Beau has been absolutely fine with all dogs she has met and she has also met the cat at the kennels and showed no major interest.

She just needs an experienced, calm home where she can learn to trust all humans again. Maybe an older male would be a good role model for her. Can you help this lovely girl please?

Beau has had a short foster break with a calm older male and this is what foster dad had to say:

“Beau is a really attractive little dog with a shiny, smooth coat and really fit and healthy.  She is house trained and obedient to basic “Sit” and “Down” and “Come” and “Stay”.  After initial excitement she walks very well on the lead and doesn’t pull, even on a basic collar.  Traffic didn’t bother her and she even let a man stroke her.  She is very loving and gets on well with women and young boys.  I wouldn’t leave any dog alone with young children but, properly supervised I see no reason to worry.  We have seen absolutely no aggression.  She is forever hungry and is not above helping herself to anything edible in reach,  She is inclined to jump up and lick you but gets down when told.

When she first came to us she was very frightened of me and it took a lot of patience, treats and fuss before she started to trust me.  She took to my wife & grandson immediately and I am sure that a man has mistreated her.  Loud noises startle her and she doesn’t like it if I am holding anything (Apart from food).  A flapping plastic poop bag and a rope toy have both worried her.  She is not really a noisy dog and has only barked twice when startled, but as soon as I spoke gently to her she was fine.  We give her the run of the house and she has settled in well.

I think she would fit in with most families but she would also make a good companion for a single person.  Any men around would need patience but she will respond in time.  After three days she comes to me for a fuss without being called.  Once she trusts you it is well worth the wait, I am sure she would be very loyal and loving.”

Beau has waited a long time but has finally nabbed herself a home.


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