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Benji is 3 years old. Vaccinated and microchipped and now neutered. We were asked to take Benji in as an emergency as his family were struggling to cope with him after a death in the family. It appears Benji was very attached to the deceased and started nipping the 12 year old son in frustration/grief.

We would not place Benji with young children. He has buddied up with other dogs at the kennels but unknown with cats. Benji is not a ‘cuddly’ dog and likes his space and to come to you.

Benji had a spell in a home but it seems he bonded closely to the male and was then very protective against other people coming into the home, including people he had met before on a number of occasions.

Benji does have mild hip dysplacia and is receiving pain relief which has made him a different dog. He is now much more relaxed and sociable so it is apparent some of his previous negative behaviour may have been because of pain.

This young lad would be so much better in a home, possibly with an older female to give him some confidence and guidance. Do you have GSD experience to help this young lad please as he will need fair but firm handling to prevent his over bonding with one person and becoming over protective?


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Cheshire - KENNELS
DOB 9.10.20
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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