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Blue is a short haired female GSD who will be 5 in October.  She is officially a blue GSD so her coat is a stunning display of greys and she has amazing amber eyes.   Blue lives with Winston who is also looking for a home, together or separately.  Blue is microchipped and was spayed beginning of 2019 after having 2 litters in Nov 2016 and April 2018.

My knock on door was greeted by some barking which stopped as the door was opened and I was greeted immediately in a lovely friendly manner by Blue who was very keen for a fuss and was gentle, affectionate and gives lovely kisses.  She remained sitting by my side for strokes for as long as I would give them before returning to lay quietly, she came back whenever her name was mentioned for some more.  She looks at you constantly with the prettiest eyes, saying no to this girl would be impossible.

Blue is long legged and lean (currently fed raw diet but previously dry) and has a lovely coat which is currently shedding so could look better.  She has long ears that lay back most of the time when chilling.  She has no medical issues and is vaccinated, chipped, spayed and up to date with flea and worming.

Blue is excellent with children and has always lived and grown up with 3 young ones (currently aged 4 and twin 6 years old).   She is gentle, affectionate and playful.  She is well behaved in and out of the house and understands and obeys all basic commands.

Blue lives in the house, downstairs only, she is housetrained, crate trained and travels well in the car.  She is a little afraid of fireworks and will come inside and remain quietly in her crate until they are finished.   If out walking she will pull you in the directly of home, she doesn’t like being outside when they are going off.  She is also a little nervous at the vets but allows examinations with no problem.

I took Blue for a 15 minute street walk.  She pulled a little but nothing too serious, she hasn’t been walked regularly for some time and was very happy to be out, her ears stood up fully and shep-like for the whole walk.  She did not focus on me at all but was keen to just keep moving and was heading to a local field she likes to run in. A regular routine of walking at a decent pace to a specific destination/park where she can run and play properly would be beneficial.  Blue has excellent recall I am told but there was no suitable place to test this.  She is friendly with other dogs and loves to run.

Blue and Winston are much loved family pets but following the recent breakdown of the marriage her mum is struggling to cope alone with 3 very young children and 2 big dogs. She is also working 2 or 3 days for very long hours where the dogs are being left for up to 12 hours.  They are not being walked at all at the moment.

This girl is an absolute gem, she will melt your heart.  Those eyes…..

Blue & Winston have been adopted together.


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