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This rather cute young man is Boris who was born 16.1.22. He is of course currently entire but is microchipped and vaccinated. Boris is a GSD cross Mali. Boris is actually living with Nanny at present as his mum had committed to him before realising she was pregnant. She was struggling therefore with a child under 2, a baby, and a young pup that obviously needs lots of time and training. It is not sustainable for him to stay with Nanny though as both work full time and are managing at present as they are still working from home, but this will end soon.

Boris was fine with the 20 month child, and was more likely to knock them over than anything else! With other dogs, he is initially nervous but playful after reassurance and he is currently getting a lot socialisation to help him. Unknown with cats.

He obviously is not being left for any length of time and sleeps in a crate with his Kong and teething toy. Has been no problem travelling. Not fussed with visitors coming in and sat and greeted our volunteer without any noise or jumping up. He is house trained and no issues with food or toys.

Training as you would expect at his age is a work in progress, he will pull on the lead if distracted, and recall at home is fine. He has not yet been let off in public. Boris is more treat orientated than toy, happy to please and loves human attention.

Boris is a fairly well established youngster for his age and really is a blank canvas for a home experienced with both breeds. A super young man in many ways.

Boris has been rehomed by his owner.

Gloucestershire - IN HOME
DOB 16.1.22
Good with children:
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