Brian is actually with the Dog’s Trust in Evesham and this is what they had to say about him:

Brain originally came into dogs trust Newbury centre as a stray. He was in a poor condition and underweight.

The police took him from them on a trial. I believe they had him for around a month on trail.

The notes they made whilst they had him are as follows:

He can grumble and guard the food bowl if there’s food in it but is fine when it’s empty.

His recall is hit and miss, he can grab the lead when excited but it’s easy to get him to stop with food.

They tried mixing him with a female Labrador, but she was very vocal and reactive and so he responded in a similar way, both squabbled so it wasn’t suitable for him to live with her.

Was fine travelling in their vans.

He’s very affectionate to you when settled, and the staff didn’t have problems handling him.

Unfortunately he just didn’t make the grade.

So, on return from the trail, we have found his behaviour in kennels to be very over the top and full on (as expected when he’s been in training to be worked).

We don’t approach dogs here when they are eating so haven’t tested the guarding situation, but have had no problems with an empty bowl.

He loves his treats!!!

He’s very toy orientated. He loves to play rag with you and we have encouraged him to swap toys rather then just take toys away from him.

He is VERY ball obsessed due to his police training, so we don’t tend to use these during play time.

He likes to carry around a soft toy – as you can see in the photos.

Once he’s settled, he is indeed very affectionate and will happily sit next to you and watch the world go by.

We have also found that he likes to chew the lead/grab it when he gets frustrated but we too can distract him. He isn’t going for long walks yet as he’s quite wound up by everything going on at the centre (the building work and the large amount of dogs we have here).

He seems much happier with the female staff than the males.

We haven’t tested him with dogs yet, as we are aiming to muzzle train him before doing intro as a precaution, as he can be very vocal.

He has just been neutered and his wound is healing well.

We hope you can help this special boy as we’d love to find him the perfect home!

Rehomed by the rescue he was with.

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