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Roxy is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what her current owner says about her.

Roxy is a 14-month-old female, black and tan German Shepherd with semi-length hair. She is not currently neutered and is described as not having had her first season yet. She is micro-chipped, vaccinated and worm/flea treated. She has no disclosed medical issues other than some skin allergies which she has taken steroids for in the past but currently just takes Piriton. She eats Core Ocean Adult food twice daily. She has been in her current home for approx. 7 months after being bought from a website at the age of 7 months old.

Roxy is being rehomed as her current owner states that she does not get along with their 15-year-old cat.

Roxy is described as being good with children over the age of 8 years but apparently herds them and can show signs of jealousy towards young children. She is not very good with other dogs and will lunge and bark at them, once managing to nip another dog. She has never lived with another dog. Her current owner thinks that she was never socialised before they got her. She didn’t know how to play when they first bought her but now loves her toys. She does need to learn boundaries with other dogs and ongoing socialisation. She is a no to cats; she does not get along with the current resident cat. She is not bothered by horses but is unknown around other livestock.

Roxy is described as being a shy girl who is very timid, but not causing any problems, when people/deliveries come to the home. She has never shown aggression/bitten a person. She can be left between 4-6 hours, is good when travelling in the car and does not bark very much. She lives indoors and is fully housetrained.

Roxy will pull slightly when being walked on a lead and will lunge and bark at other dogs whilst out. She is described as having a very good recall when off-lead and also knows sit, down and lay down. She does not show any possessive tendencies over food/toys. She is fine during visits to the vets.

During the time the GSRE assessor spent with Roxy, this is what they said about her.
Roxy wasn’t excitable and didn’t jump up when the assessor arrived at the home, nor did she bark. She is extremely well behaved for her age. She is both treat and toy oriented and not reactive to loud noises such as fireworks. She is in lovely condition but does have some itchy skin.

Roxy is a beautiful, timid and shy girl. You can tell once she knows you, she loves you with her whole heart as it was clear to see with her current owner.

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Derbyshire - Own home
14 month
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Yes - Older Only
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