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Here we have Bruno, he will be 4 in October, still entire but fully vaccinated and chipped.

Sadly for Bruno both his owners have passed away and he is currently living alone in the family home with visits from family members daily. They have dogs and cats of their own so he cannot live with them.

We are told that he is a no to other dogs although he did live with one last year. here is what our assessor had to say about Bruno and her visit.

Bruno was bought as a puppy from a KC breeder in Gloucestershire by an older ailing couple 3 years ago. For many years they had bred GSDs and when they stopped they had 2 as pets. When their dog died they replaced him to join Sophie. Sadly they were unable to train or even walk him and this was done by their granddaughter who had no knowledge. As he got bigger the walking became the grandson’s responsibility. The husband died in 2017 and the wife in October 2018. Sophie died the following month. He now lives alone in the bungalow with visits several times a day from the son and grandson, who live 2 streets away. They have 2 dogs, one a 15 yr. old staffie and a cat, all of whom Bruno intensely dislikes.

I was let in and Bruno was in the kitchen barking behind a window – looking and sounding very aggressive and threatening. The son does not trust the dog but although very anxious, agreed to my suggestion to bring him in on a lead after a few minutes. Son and grandson positioned themselves so that he could not reach me and he quickly ceased. After a few further minutes he began to edge towards me and I put a treat on the floor. 5 minutes later he was tentatively sniffing me and soon after started to lick my hand. 2 treats later (I’d been there about 20mins) and the son went to fetch some paperwork from the other room and I was treated to full on kisses and cuddles. He is very enthusiast with his kisses and on a couple of occasions I felt his teeth on my ears but there was no aggression what so ever. What I term kissing with teeth!

The grandson and I took him for walk along the street and then into a huge park. He is walked in a halti and expanding lead. The grandson has full control but it would appear he has chosen to contain rather that correct his behaviour. He barks at cars but it would seem to be the wheels going round which has his focus. We saw several dogs further along the street and he only barked and lunged at one directly opposite on the other side of the street. He walked past people and prams with no reaction at all. We were approached by an older lady who asked to pet him as she had had GSDs all her life until recently. Again he barked, bounced and appeared threatening and she decided not to persist but chatted for another minute. Once on the park he was let off his lead and didn’t go far away, coming to call and being put back on the halti when other dogs were coming close. I asked to walk him and he immediately settled at my heel. I let him out full length and still felt in control. He had a further run off his lead and although there were numerous dogs at a distance but clearly visible he made no attempt to go to them. I took him again as we left the park and we were able to pass another dog quite closely without a reaction.

Despite being left he has done no damage. He has no toy or food aggression – I was able to take his rope toy from him and had to remove his head from my bag as he sought further treats. When told to leave he did so. He let me handle him and look in his mouth. He is a large but not huge dog with a long back and is reported to be and seemed to be in good health. He rarely goes in a car and has to be persuaded to do so. Once in he sits trembling but doesn’t bark. He is microchipped and his vaccinations are due in March but he is still entire. The family find him strong but I felt he was less than so my little girl both on the lead and when playing tug. Whilst he will obviously need an experienced home if a little old lady (me) can handle him ! Indeed I –felt he was one of the nicest GSDs I’ve met in a long time.

If you think you could give Bruno his second chance then please get in touch.

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