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Brynn came to us through another rescue having been taken in from the pound. She is vaccinated, chipped and spayed . At only 10 months old she loves people but has little training and boundaries so will need a home that can work with her from day one.

No young children as quite boisterous. Has been no problem with other dogs, but a no to cats.

A typical teenage hooligan who has missed out on the basics but will excel with an experienced home.

Brynn had a short break in a foster home and this is what foster dad has to say:

“The first thing people say when they see Brynn is “What a pretty dog”,  She is very loving and desperate for human company but I suspect that she has spent most of her time outdoors as she constantly wants to run around the garden and will only come in when she is ready.  Indoors with us she eventually will settle but as soon as anyone comes in she becomes very hyper.  Never a hint of aggression but she will fly around like a banshee alternating between licking and mouthing,  She is fearless and regards being told off as all part of the game.  Our own dog is used to umpteen visiting dogs and is very patient with them all but even he gets fed up with her constantly wanting to play, When he finally has enough and growls at her she still doesn’t back off.

She will need a lot of socialising to learn pack etiquette and a lot of patient, reward based training,  Ideally a large fenced in area to burn off some energy until her recall improves. The good news is that she is very young,  Eventually this “Ladette” will be a “Lady” who will be a very good housedog and a very loving companion  but only in an experienced, patient, loving home.  A definite no to small children, she would not deliberately hurt anyone but she is so full of life that she would knock them flying.”

Brynn has gone straight from her Christmas foster home to her new forever home,



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