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Buddy is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what his current owner says about him.

Buddy is a 2-year-old, male, short haired, black and tan German Shepherd. He is not neutered, vaccinated or worm/flea treated but is microchipped. He currently eats a working dog food and although he has no known food allergies, he does sometimes experience dry skin which itches on his back. He has no disclosed medical issues. His current owner is unaware what his reac1on would be to going to the vets. He has lived in his current home since the age of 8 weeks when he was obtained from a friend’s litter of puppies.

Buddy is being rehomed through GSRE as his current owner is in poor health.

Buddy’s reaction to children, other dogs or livestock is not known by his current owner but he is not good with cats. He will bark when people come to the home and enjoys stealing the mail as it comes through the letterbox. He has bitten the owners neighbour over the fence which resulted in Police involvement, who advised that Buddy wear a muzzle when outside of the home. He has also bitten his owner once when they went to pick up a cup which Buddy had claimed as his own and again when they tried to push him out a door and Buddy turned on them.

Buddy is never left alone and has never travelled in a car so his reaction to those is unknown. He lives indoors but spends time in the garden also. He is housetrained and loves to play with toys and fetch a ball, which he would do all day long. He is not walked by his current owner after he was taken out once and managed to slip the lead, after which he was never taken out again. Now, he never goes out of the house/garden and has never been socialised. He has not had any training and has not been shown any boundaries.

Buddy knows sit, paw, lay, stop and walk away. He does not have a recall as he is never out of the house/garden. He does resource guard, he is worse with a high value treat like a bone, not too bad with his food and does not appear to be possessive over his toys.

Buddy’s current owner believes that he would be much better behaved if he was taught some manners. He played nicely with the GSRE assessor and took treats from them. The assessor believes that given a chance, this boy would train up well with the right handler.

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Suffolk - Own home
2 years
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