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“Now this little lad is a pocket rocket he is the sweetest cuddliest lad ever. Caesar does have nervous aggression but his so much better now then he use to be  he does give a little growl but that’s it then he is wanting cuddles and kisses. He loves a game of football he even brings the ball back to you!! Caesar had a rubbish start but just needs that home who can show him the love he needs.

Caesar is a young Mali. He is neutered and microchipped and now fully vaccinated. He had been with his last owner since 6 months of age when they rescued him from a home he was kept constantly caged in. They were looking to rehome him as they know they do not have the experience to help him progress any further. This is what our volunteer has to say about him:

“Caesar is alert, clever, fast and keen to work, everything you would expect from a young Mali. He presents with fear aggression and I could see triggers which could easily be worked on. He is easy to distract as he is very food focused. Currently he is not getting nearly enough exercise. He walks well on a figure of 8 and knows several commands. Recall will need more work but I don’t think this will take long.

He can clear 6 foot fences so will need to be taken into consideration by any applicant. Overall he is a good dog simply in need of proper exercise, stimulation and guidance.”

Currently in kennels, once you bond with Caesar he is totally focused on what you want. He is going to need a lot of continued work to socialise him with other people and dogs due to his terrible start in life and will be a long term project however he is coming on leaps and bounds meeting and being handled by different people. Also now fully vaccinated.

If you are experienced with the breed, Caesar may be the dog for you.

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