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Say hello to our Castro, this lad has really not had a good life so far and sadly it has had a profound affect on him in the way he now behaves.

He spent the whole of his 4/5yrs living in a yard, using the hosepipe / tap for his water and his mainstay diet was prawn crackers and other takeaway delights.

Don’t get me wrong he was actually over weight when he arrived due to poor fatty diet and not being walked regularly if at all.

When he arrived with us he had never really been out of the yard so kennels was a real culture shock for this poor lad and he didn’t cope very well.

He refused to eat and every time he saw the lead he would grab it and rag it like a mad thing, a lot of the time also grabbing our hands. A long standing habit that stressed him out no end.

Castro has been with us 6 months (Jan 22), in this time we have stopped the lead grabbing with his regular vollies and he is a much calmer boy now and absolutely loves his walks. He is quite fearful around dogs due to never having seen any for the first 4+ yrs of his life and will bark at them.
Who knows if he has ever seen a cat unless one frequented his yard which I doubt.

This lad needs time to meet new people as he has panicked in the past and has nipped and bitten once but we put that down to feeling under pressure and take some responsibility for what happened and have learnt a lot since then.

If this boy was ever lucky enough to be given a second chance he would benefit from the use of a kennel and space outside to be able to make the transition as slow as it needed to be, somewhere he could go to when people became too much as they always do in the interim period of a new adoption. It could be that he would prefer this arrangement as he can be destructive with water buckets, food bowls, bedding and for obvious reasons house manners.

No children at all, no other dogs or cats. Preferably no visitors unless he can be put right out of the way as this is stress he does not need or should be subjected to.

All the above does not make for 99% of peoples idea of a new mate but who knows that 1% might just be reading this and think that could be me…..we live in hope for our gorgeous, funny, odd as a bod pocket sized Cas man.

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