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Ceasar is a 5 year old Malinois. He is neutered and microchipped. We were asked to take him in from another rescue as they did not feel they had enough experience of the breed to help him.

His family had taken him in at 18 months of age and sadly he was involved in an RTA. This meant a couple of surgeries due to a fractured spine, and as a consequence he does have plates and pins in his spine. You would not be able to tell though. The only thing that has to be taken into account, is not throwing balls up high where he may jump and twist.

Ceasar is a typical energetic and friendly Mali who will need a home with experience of the breed so that he gets the exercise and mental stimulation they need, however he is just as happy being a couch potato or sunbathing! No young children. Has been fine around other large breed dogs and could probably live with an older female with no problems. A not to cats.

Ceasar does have separation anxiety so needs a home where he can be with his people as much as possible, and he does love his cuddles. He has just come back from being in a home with a female Akita, but sadly he had to come back as she was very unsettled having another dog in her space which was not fair on either dogs. His fosterers were very upset and had this to say about him:

“Following our two week foster of Caesar, which very sadly for us we were unable to continue, I wanted to describe our time with this beautiful little boy in the hope that he can find the loving home that he deserves. As soon as we picked him up we could see his anxieties and excitement; he sat with me on the back seat of our estate car, Nova was in the boot behind us. I stroked him and talked to him and it took a little while before he relaxed – he then laid his head down on my lap! Caesar and I had an instant bond, he probably sensed that I was quite needy too! He responded well when I called him, coming to me immediately with his tail up and wagging!

When we got him home I took him straight down the garden and gave him a good groom; being used to Nova, our Akita, a breed which sheds quite dramatically all the time, I knew that he would look and feel instantly better… he loved being groomed, standing still for me while I brushed him top to tail and then helpfully sliding down my legs and rolling onto his back so I could do his tummy and chest! He loved playing ball too, using his focus to get him to drop one ball and sit in order to get the next one thrown for him – he is quick to learn and eager to please with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Walking on a lead is a challenge – he gets very excited when he knows he is going out and he doesn’t know how to contain the excitement or dial himself down – he is very strong but so am I thankfully, he can get very bitey with his lead. We bought him a Halti collar and lead to help him learn to walk nicely but I found that his favourite squeaky ball in his jaws helped him relax enough to walk nicely. He is very anxious with noise/cars/motorbikes/cyclists/joggers – he will lunge, snarl and bark displaying his fear and our road is quite busy. I took him out at 05:00 in the morning and got him to the fields nearby – once out in the peace and quiet he was a different boy, relaxed, enjoying the morning air and the sniffs. He was very interested in birds, rabbits etc and you have to be completely focused on him which was no problem at all because he’s such a lovely boy.

He absolutely loves the beach and swimming – he’ll go back in time and again to fetch a ball with a long lead to catch hold of him if necessary – had the water of been warmer I would have swum with him and he would have loved that I think! Again, he gets super-excited and it is difficult to bring him down from his ‘high’ following the fun… he just doesn’t to stop.

He appreciates a constant supply of fresh water and drinks well, if a little messily! He inhales his food without stopping for air… we bought him a slow feeder to see if it would help – he still didn’t chew his kibble but it did slow him down a little.

He needs constant reassurance, I work full time but my husband was home most of the time, our son working from home some of the time too. When I went to work and my husband left the house our son reported that Caesar was up and down stairs constantly looking for us (deep set separation anxiety) not settling until one or other of us – preferably both, were home again.

He thrived with affection and close contact, we have (or rather had) a ‘no dogs on the furniture’ rule which Nova naturally adhered to when she came to live with us, however this went out of the window immediately – he didn’t do it all the time but there were evenings when he needed a little more reassurance and climbed up for a cuddle – he deserved it! He slept with us some nights too… he just needed to be close to us and I’d wake up in the morning with him nudging my hand for some fuss, his tale would wag and he would just lay there licking my hand gently and gazing at me…

Quite simply he is a stunning boy, eager to please and simply wants to love and be loved…

Nova and Caesar didn’t click – she has been used to being the only dog in the house for over five years – she is an Akita bitch – and I guess there was only a slim chance of it working but it was worth a try and I don’t regret the last two weeks – what Caesar gave me was worth it… The love I feel for that beautiful boy is deep set and will stay with me – I just want him to have a loving home – with people who can give him the life he should have.

He could live with another dog I think but he is needy and whatever he was homed with would need to be chilled out and not feel threatened by his assertive personality… he is larger than life, funny, loving, eager to please and fun… his potential is enormous and he’ll reward you with his love in return for yours.

Small children would be a no, he has very strong jaws, gets over-excited and snatches.. he would never bite but could nip without meaning to… a small person could get hurt easily. Cats/small furries also a no. He needs a quiet environment – countryside/woods/farmland not too many roads and certainly no fast ones if possible. A good sized garden he can relax in if possible – he loves to chill out at home on cushions in the garden, he doesn’t jump over fences either.

He needs routine, good playtime and training and people/person home all day to help him with his anxiety. He’s very, very strong so be prepared to have muscle ache for the first few days… no need for that gym membership any more! He needs boundaries, patience and consistency, good food, regular grooming and exercise, peace and quiet and above all – he needs love as he has so much to give in return…

I miss him terribly tonight, Nova is settling and is more relaxed than I have seen her since he came. Undoubtedly we made the right decision for both dogs – they were getting to the point where Caesar was relaxing and feeling more at home and Nova’s tolerance was deteriorating and her patience was wearing thin… sparks were beginning to fly and with two dogs of their type it would have ended badly. However we now have a Caesar shaped hole in our hearts and the pain is acute… Please find him a loving home… he really does deserve it…

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to get to know him, he’s been a privilege.”


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