This gorgeous lad is 4 year neutered Chudley. Chudley lived with Tess who has now found a new home. Their dad is very ill and no longer able to care for them.

Chudley is described as the laid back dopey one of the pair but was quite excitable when he first arrived at the kennels as he had not been getting his normal exercise. We are told he is fine with children and other dogs and from the way she greeted our assessor we have no reason to believe he would not be good with children.When in kennels we have found Chudley was quite dominant with other dogs.

Chudley should fit into most situations but will need someone who can refresh his training and build up his exercise regime again.

Now in foster this is what his foster mum has to say about him:

“While in foster with us Chudley has shown us his cheeky fun loving personality.  He simply loves having a fuss from people and if you groom him then he is a friend for life.  Recently my two god daughters visited (aged 2yrs and 8 yrs).  Chudley was the perfect gentleman and loved playing boomer ball football with them.

What Chudley requires is structure and a forever home that will continue his training, as he is a very bright lad.  At present he knows the basic commands, his heel work is brilliant and we are working on his recall – which is getting there.

When out Chudley can be wary of other dogs but is fine as long as introduced correctly and checked if excitement levels get too high. He will need to be given clear guidance if other dogs are playing around him as he really wants to join in but lacks the knowledge of how to play properly at present so can approach in the incorrect manner. However, he went on his holidays for two nights recently and within the home with other dogs behaved brilliantly and from this he has taught himself how to eat a bone!

Chudley unfortunately at this stage cannot be rehomed with cats and will chase them when out in the garden given opportunity – but this is work in progress! Recently we have had a couple of nights of fireworks and Chudley has been completely unfazed by them..preferring to snore in front on the TV.

Within the house Chudley is a hoarder who likes to collect items like shoes, socks etc from around the house and place them on his bed; he doesn’t chew them!

This beautiful laid back handsome gentleman has been patiently awaiting his forever home for quite a while now and I really don’t understand why as he is an absolute star!  He is so bright and intelligent with a total willingness to please…Whoever adopts this ball of black fluff will be very lucky indeed.”

Chudley has finally found a home of his own!

Gorgeous Chudley had a wonderful life but peacefully passed away in his sleep x

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