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We were asked by WARS to help this lovely lad find his new home as he has had no luck since arriving at their centre so please have a look at this gorgeous lad and see if he might just be the one for you. Here is what they had to say about him:

Cooper came to the shelter from a home. He was struggling in the house with multiple dogs as he was picked on. Due to this he sees dogs as a very scary things. With his time here cooper has been through training to make him more comfortable around other dogs. However, he does have a more to learn which we can help his new owners carry on his training. Cooper is a loving caring boy who gains loyalty from those who give him love. Like most Shepard he can be cautious of new people. He will never be the type of dog you take to pub for everyone to stroke. Cooper needs time to meet new people as he is a shy boy.
Cooper has 3 legs due to a genetic issue when he was young. It doesn’t effect him much but he cannot walk for more than 30 minutes before needing a rest.
Cooper is a very stressed dog who would need alot of work to adjust him in to a normal home environment. He will struggle being left and would need someone who is home all the time.
Cooper is a very Handsome boy and is really special in all our hearts. However, please make sure that if you do apply for him you are realistic about your abilities to take on a dog with his behavioural issues.

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