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Daisy is a 1 year old GSD cross Lab. Not yet spayed but has had her first season. Is up to date with her vaccinations and microchipped. This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Daisy is a lovely puppy who hasn’t had enough socialisation or a firm training hand. She barks loudly at people and animals in an anxious but not particularly aggressive way. She was good with basic commands, good on the lead (didn’t go off-lead because no recall) and sat when told in the presence of others. She was good at taking commands from me and food-responsive so should be reasonably easy to train with a firm owner.

She is a sweet dog but lacks general manners, lots of mouthing and jumping up which again could be easily corrected with some training. She is protective of her owner, probably due to being home alone with her for most of the day. She is fine with the owner’s kids and cats.

She is in lovely condition, coat, teeth, ears, weight etc. She has been well looked after and kept up to date with all flea/worm treatments.”

This lovely young girl will quickly settle with an experienced home that can give her the boundaries and socialisation she needs. Being rehomed as her owner recognises she does not have the experience or time, plus Daisy is now having to be left for longer hours. Can you give Daisy a chance please?

Daisy is now in the kennels and has settled in really well.

Daisy had a foster break for assessment in the home and this is what foster dad has to say:

“Daisy is a fit and healthy young dog who’s photos really don’t do her justice.  She is stunningly beautiful and much taller than she appears.  She is very loving and has welcomed our visitors but does tend to jump up.  She can be very playful and will mouth.  She will sit and take treats gently and likes to be stroked but will not give a paw and hates her legs or paws touched.  Most of the time she is docile and relaxed but doesn’t like sudden movements.  She needs a firm experienced home, I think without children because, if her boundaries are crossed, intentionally or otherwise, she will show her teeth and bite hard without growling a warning.  I am sure that, once she learns trust this can be cured but it takes patience, forgiveness and time.  Most of these dogs have been failed by their previous owners, so please don’t think that by taking on a rescue you are avoiding the need of training a puppy, it may even be harder and take longer.

Generally very good with our dog but he did get a bit fed up with her keep trying to wash him.  Daisy loves her walks and gets very excited, pulled when out with our dog but, when I took her out alone she walked very nicely for me and sat at the kerbs.  She is very bright and even picking up my shoes sets her off and fitting her lead is a tussle.

In  the right setting she will be a clever active companion admired when out and a loyal, loving friend. BUT NOT IN THE FIRST FEW WEEKS”

And this is what the kennels have to say about her:

“Well what can I say about Daisy 2yrs old she is a big soppy pup who just needs some time and training put into her she’s good with other dogs and lived with a cat previously can you offer her a forever home? 🏠 please apply online! 😊❤️”

Daisy has been adopted by her foster family.



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