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This lad’s time was up:

“Another gorgeous & well behaved boy in desperate need of a chance. He’s a friendly boy that is clean in his kennel & knows some basic commands like sit & give paw. If you are a rescue that can give him the chance he needs & so deserves then please let me know as he’s on borrowed time now sadly?”

Dante was 3 in December and according to his microchip he is a Mali cross Fox Red Lab. Vaccinations to be restarted and will be neutered.

Dante has been a sweetheart with everyone he has met and walks nicely on lead. No adverse reaction to other dogs so far.

This lad would fit into an active family home as he is full of energy and fun!


Dante, who was called Axel, was assessed by one of our volunteers early 2024 and his owner emailed to say he had been rehomed! Obviously not a great job as the poor lad then ended up being picked up as a stray and was facing death!

This is Dante’s original write up:

“Axel is a Mali cross Fox Red Lab! He was 3 in December and is microchipped but not neutered and vaccinations are out of date.  Here is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“I met Axel this weekend – what a lovely ball of energy he is! He is also a stunning looking dog, with a soft and fun nature. The owner put Axel in his cage for my arrival but he bounded over to me as soon as he had a chance.

This boy is not for someone who wants a quiet life – he was super excited to meet me and that excitement didn’t wane in the whole time I was there. Although given his breeding (a mix of two very intelligent dogs that need a lot of exercise and stimulation) and the fact that he is still entire – that isn’t surprising.

He seemed to be constantly thinking about what was going to happen next – although when he stood still long enough for me to stroke his head he was very happy to stand still and let me do that. There’s no badness in him – the owners rescued him themselves from a free ad, as they wanted to ensure he was safe, but their circumstances have changed and he can now be left up to 10 hours a day in the home (with a doggy cam) and isn’t walked for as long and as regular as he used to be. He really does need someone who can give him the time and commitment he needs.

He knows quite a few commands and is toy driven so easy to train. We took him for a short walk – he did pull initially (and he is a strong dog) but he did listen to owner’s commands for heel and the owner told me when he’s not as excited/distracted he does respond well to this and other training.

Axel currently lives with a Jack Russell who really doesn’t like him (the other reason the owners feel they have to rehome him as they have had the JR since a pup). He takes correction from the JR when she snaps and is apparently a bit of a melt about it rather than becoming aggressive. There was a third dog on the home (husky x corgi) who got on well with Axel sadly passed away last year.

Axel is gorgeous and would make someone a fantastic dog – easy to train, full of energy and playfulness, and a sweet personality.”

Dante has been adopted.


London - IN FOSTER
DOB 18.12.20
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:

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