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Flo is a GSD cross Mali who will be 2 in June. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations. Flo is being rehomed as her owner lives on a farm which is not secure and due to a lack of time for training, her recall needs work, which also means she is rarely off lead and is just not getting the exercise she needs. This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“On entering she was very excited to see me and jumped up and the owner did warn me.  She was very friendly, and she did calm down quite quickly.  We sat at the table and she sat with me asking for fuss and attention.  The current owner advises she is absolutely fine with anyone that comes in.  There are 4 children in the house. The youngest aged two came in and sat on Flo and she did not bat an eyelid.  And she is very good with all of the children and loves the post man apparently, and he loves her too! She jumps in the van!  She is not left that often so does have some separation anxiety and is a counter surfer so this will need to be addressed quickly.  Also, will raid the bin on occasion. The owner advises she is not food driven but loves her ball and Tuggie.  She has a very high prey drive and will chase cattle if off lead but doesn’t really take much notice when she is on lead.  They are on a farm and there have been occasions where she has got out and done this. They do have a cat which she ignores when it’s not moving but will chase when it does move.  She is good with other dogs that she knows, both bitches and dogs, and if they tell her off, she does submit.

She is not let off the lead at all for most of the time.  The owner has taken her to secure fields but doesn’t do this very often due to the cost.  She goes off lead in the garden at the owners mums house but again not a regular event. The owner advises she is anxious when on walks and will bark and lunge at other dogs.  She advises that this does subside while on the walk but takes around 45 mins for her to calm down.  There is never any teeth showing just lunging and barking.  She is walked on a gentle leader.  She looks in good condition, coat nails all good.   She was spayed after two seasons.  She lives with another dog (boy) and they get on very well.

I walked her around the property . They are on a remote farm so no opportunity to see other dogs etc.  She pulled and tried to get the gentle leader off but did stop when corrected.  The owner advises she has seen normal life and is ok with traffic, people etc.   She is a jumper and can clear the dog gate quite easily!  No food or Toy aggression at all. Vaccinatons and worming being done this week.  Doesn’t know many commands just sit and wait.  She is crate trained.

I feel that a lot of Flo’s behaviour is frustration from never being off lead.  If she was given the exercise and stimulation she needs I think this behaviour will subside.  Perfect dog on all other fronts! The owner is happy to keep Flo until a suitable home is found.  She is clearly upset about giving her up but knows she can’t give her the time she needs and feels that’s not fair on Flo.

She is such a lovely dog! “

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DOB 10.6.20
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