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May I introduce Freya who was 3 in February. She is microchipped, vaccinated and microchipped. Freya has been in her home since a pup but is sadly being rehomed as her temperament is not conducive with a young child in the house plus her owners will be moving to a more urban area in the near future.

Freya is a beautiful girl and very devoted to her owners. She has amazing obedience and good on lead unless reacting to triggers. For this reason, her recall is not trusted. We would describe Freya as being nervous aggressive although she has never bitten but then she has never been put in that position. She will settle with calm and confident people if allowed to meet them at her own pace and with space but has never been pressured.

She can be mixed with other dogs in a controlled environment but is reactive on lead. Freya will need an adult only home as sadly this poor girl also suffers from fibrosing myopathy which can be managed with pain relief but obviously can make her less tolerant at times.

Freya’s ideal home would be rural where she can stay on her own land and quite possibly, if introduced correctly, could live with another calm dog who is not going to jump all over her.

Freya is now in our kennels where she will receive lots of time and space building up her socialisation skills with people and other dogs when out and about.

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Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 1.2.21
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