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Say Hi to Gemma. She only recently came to us after spending some weeks in kennels as a stray and was having no luck in finding someone to take her on.

Gemma does have some issues with other dogs, she will constantly bark and pull towards them and is oblivious to what the handler is saying so this does need some serious work which will need an experienced person with GSD exp to over come this with her.

She is a friendly girl with people but would not be placed in a home with children because of her present issues.

Gemma is now having some re training to address all her issues but this will be most definitely be on going with her new owner, full support will be given.

Large confident dogs are or will be fine i am sure, small dog, cats and horses are a no and will remain so. She has a very strong prey drive and will chase.

She is now walking out nicely with other dogs and learning that it isn’t that exciting after all!

Poor Gemma has been in kennels far too long now, please if you can offer her a chance please get in touch!

Gemma is now settled in her new home.


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