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May I introduce the very handsome Hansel. Hansel is just 3 years old.  He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Hansel had been in the same home since a pup until he was 16 months old and was living with an 8 year old. We are told he is good with other dogs, and certainly not seen any adverse reactions since being with us. A no to cats.

Having met Hansel, there did not appear to be an ounce of malice in him, however his owner says his temperament changed and he started barking at strangers when before he had always been friendly. He then bit his Dad and they could not understand why. It may well be he became protective over his mum as apparently dad was tickling mum and he may have mistaken it for an attack. The family therefore did not feel they could trust him any more around their daughter.

Hansel was adopted by a couple who were working with his protective issues however there was an incident in the home, where he is most protective, when a trainer visited and unfortunately, he managed to remove his muzzle and bit her arm. Luckily for Hansel she recognised that in fact Hansel was in the wrong environment and was pleased he had been returned to the rescue.

Hansel is much better with women but will be protective of his Mum but was living with a couple quite happily. He is protective of his home so must be muzzled or shut away when visitors come. Hansel is also slightly agoraphobic and is not enthusiastic about going away from home so would really suit a rural home where he can stay on his land. Unfortunately, Hansel does have allergies, but these are easily managed with the right diet and reasonably cost medication.

A big ask for this lad but he did not have the best start in life having missed out on so much socialisation and training being a Covid pandemic puppy, but he so deserves a chance at a home of his own please.


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