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Harvey came to us via the pound where he had been returned  due to the home thinking they could manage his nervousness but couldn’t, there was an incident where the dog was asleep on the sofa and the owner tried to retrieve the TV remote from under neither him and he nipped him so he was returned.

Whilst he was in kennels he was absolutely fine and loved to play and willing to learn his basic commands.He is however a boy who would only do something if he wanted to. This came out the first time we tried rehoming him. The new owner, who claimed to have lots of experience (as they all do) rather than let Harvey take his time getting in the car tried to force him in and got bitten for his trouble. Harvey then bit my hand when I took the lead so the guy could get some first aid. They still took him but once he got home they said he tried to rag the lady all round the kitchen pulling on her clothes etc, but by this time I think they were both afraid of him. So he came back.

Again in kennels he was fine he went for a weeks holiday with two of our vollies and their dog Suggs. They said he was anxious in the home and they had to take every thing slowly. He didn’t know how to act and didn’t like being left in a room on his own showing quite bad separation anxiety. He also showed aggression to Katie when told to do simple things in the house, he didn’t seem to have ever had any boundaries set.By the end of the week he was a lot better and the only reason they didn’t keep him was their dog was jealous plus Suggs was still a work in progress and it would have been too much.

Harvey was then rehomed again to an older couple again who said they had experience with difficult dogs. This time it wasn’t even a day before he was back, again they said when he got in the house he changed and was going for his wife. They just dropped him off and left so couldn’t get the facts. My guess is they tried to force him to do something and he objected.

Harvey has never fully trusted people since he came to us and really does not like his head being touched if he doesn’t know you well. If he doesn’t want to do something, his go to is to nip. He has been a good boy whilst with us in kennels and he will be staying with us for his own safety as he is likely to get himself in trouble again in a home.


Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 13.8.16 (est)
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