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Bruno is a KC registered medium-short coat working line high energy unneutered straight backed Black German Shepard. He has had all his vaccination and receives regular flee and worming treatments. He is a very fit dog weighing approx 32kg and lives in the London area but needs an active family that has access to more open spaces so he can live his life to the full.

He is an extremely clever dog and learns things very quickly, he is cheeky and uses all his talents to instigate play. His DOB is 5th June 2021, (2yrs 7Months) and been with the current family since he was 8 weeks old.

He is not good with visitors who come to the family home but can be trained to accept visitors over time. He has good door etiquette and will sit and allow the owner to step out before he steps out, although he does need reminding occasionally. He absolutely loves car journeys (long or short) and prefers to take up the whole of the back seat and enjoy views and ne smells around him.

He has high prey drive and a lot of effort has to go into refocusing him if he sees squirrels, Cats or Foxes on walks. On occasions he can be reactive to other dogs on walks, this is managed by refocussing him with treats.

Cars, bikes or even fireworks do not faze him during walks.  He has been allowed to be free to sniff and explore whilst on lead. Depending which family member takes him for walks, he can be selective on how he behaves. He tends to pull on the lead, purely out of excitement, when he is with a person he sees as fun. He will not pull with someone who he knows prefers a slow walk or enforces the rules. He has been trained with only positive reinforcement technics and treats are used on walks to encourage positive behaviour.

He is allowed to go off leash in the local park almost every day as he is totally focused on his games. He will ignore other dogs and will not approach them. However, if dogs approach him then he will warn them once to go away, but if they persist in annoying him then he will react.

He does not approach any strangers around him whilst off lead. His recall is great, but occasionally fails if he spots a squirrel before his owner.  He knows commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, Paw, Touch, Stop, Paw, Gentle, Place, Back. He continues to picks up on common words used like Park, Car, Ball, Find, Dinner, sleep and knows exactly what to do when the words are spoken. He is not food aggressive as he was extensively hand-fed as a pup. He can be approached and petted whilst eating.

He has bitten once when he may have been startled whilst sleeping, this was when he was around 18 months old. There have been other instances where he has growled at certain family members following a difficult visit or if he has been unwell, this did not escalate to a bite as he was quickly taken away from the situation and refocused.

He allows his owner to cut his nails and groom him, however, he does not like water from a hose pipe and will run away. He once had a very bad experience at the vet, this made him very cautious with strangers trying to touch him, therefore the owner does not allow strangers to touch or pet him. Although he has been socialised as a pup, an adult dog was very aggressive towards him and since then he has no interest in playing with other dogs and is focused on his owner and his toys. He does not bark at home unless there is a visitor or he hears a suspicious noise.  He will let out a single courteous bark if he needs any attention.

He is being considered for rehoming for 2 reasons:

  1. Although Bruno is having a good life, his high energy means that he needs an active and experienced family who have access to open areas
  2. Because of the single bite incident and growling, certain members of his current family are not fully comfortable as they should be around him.  Although his main carer feels that this can be fixed over time, the owner is extremely anxious leaving him in the care of certain members, he also feels that Bruno will not get the attention he deserves as time goes on. Therefore, the owner has had to make a very difficult decision to find a confident and loving family that fully meets Brunos needs.


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DOB 5.6.21
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