Have a look at this gorgeous young girl. Izzy came to us from a stray pound, her hips are not in the best shape which is why we think she was abandoned!

She has had a set of X rays with us which showed she did not have the best hips in the world but our vet said as she was a young girl who had not had a lot of exercise to try building her up first and then have another look at a later date if we felt it necessary. We give pain relief if and when we feel she needs it and she has been fine.

Izzy is in foster with a lovely big lad called Benny who tolerates her and most of the time enjoys her company but she can get very bossy and dominant with him and start a squabble. We feel she needs a home as the only dog or maybe a confident dog who can put her straight but that will depend also on the experience of the new owner.

This is what Julie her foster mum has to say about Izzy:

Izzy is an adorable, stunning, intelligent girl and very affectionate once she knows you. She’s nervous of new people and it takes 2-3 meetings before she’s confident but then you get hugs and kisses galore. She’s quite happy to be a lap dog as she likes to be near you/on you so it’s more comfy to watch tv (and she does watch it, especially Dog Rescuers!). She loves toys and will empty the toy box and happily entertain herself, carrying a toy in her mouth while she dribbles a ball with her paws. Or she’ll present you with a toy to play fetch or tug, she’s very gentle with her mouth and will leave when asked, then politely gives paw or does ‘watch’ to ask for her toy back. She also likes a play-fight but does get excited and can jump up and gently mouth, more so with the men in our household as they’re softer than me!

Iz has lived with my 7 yr old male Shepherd and plays nicely with no toy aggression but can be rough. She’s a confident female and can be overbearing, herding him which has caused scuffles. Whilst there’s been no food aggression at dinner times, she does have a habit of hiding treats, and isn’t happy if he finds them! Outdoors, she can walk past other dogs at a distance but we’ve had a few off lead rogues barking at her so she will react and try to nip if a dog gets too close. She walks lovely on lead and collar for road walks but will pull to keep up if out with another dog. Her recall is good when out alone although she hasn’t been off lead near strange dogs or people as I haven’t put her in a position where she could make a mistake. Indoors, she’s been ok left alone and is used to a crate (1-2 hours max, although barks for first 5 mins), she’s clean overnight and has never chewed anything or stolen food (did pinch my hair clip once but didn’t chew it). Don’t think she’ll ever love the postman but has been fine with visitors as long as they ignore her until she’s ready to interact.

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