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This lad is 4 year Jake who is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. We were told Jake suffers from a skin condition which has been left untreated but in fact the marks on his face look more like old scars which we are told is from playing with the JRT pup and stones! This poor lad has been in a situation where the relationship has broken down and has missed out on so much socialisation.

Jake has lived with 2 smaller dogs but was really unknown with other dogs as he has not been allowed to socialise as he had always being kept on the lead. He was good with the children he lived with, being 9 and 13, but due to his nature a home without children would be best. We are told he is a no to cats.

Jake pulls on the lead initially but will then walk nicely and has good basic commands. Recall is being established and he knows basic commands. He is very toy and treat orientated and loves to be groomed. He will need very experienced and confident owners to help him on the right track as he can be very protective of his home and people and is very nervous of men which can come across as fear aggression, however with lots of work this is improving every day.

Jake is much more trusting of life in general now and along with being better meeting new people, will get the opportunity of some doggie socialisation with the local walk group. He is really starting to enjoy life and realising what he has missed out on so far!

We have had the full works test wise for his skin and we are now treating it with the appropriate meds.


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