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Khaos is not yet a year old but is in need of a new home as he should never have been sold to his current owners. He comes from working lines and cost a lot of money, however no contract and no papers and no choice of the litter! The breeders sell protection dogs and when the couple asked for help they got no response! Need I say more!

Khoas is just 10 months old. He is Fully vaccinated and microchipped but not yet neutered. He has met an 11 year grandchild and was fine with them, but not had much socialisation with other dogs and cats are a no.

This is what our volunteer had to say about Khaos:

“What can I say, he is beautiful but absolutely manic and frantic. Husband is bed bound and wife is now disabled and dog is not getting walked at all. I tried to walk to him but his anxiety levels are huge and he doesn’t stop frantically barking and jumping up. He tried to bite through the slip lead she uses and did everything he could to not have it on his head. He is nervous of everything outside as he is not used to it and not socialised at all.

In the home he was super excited and jumped up a lot however with cheese he did eventually sit. They have made a huge mistake and I am concerned the situation is dangerous not because of the dog he is not he’s very sweet and he calmed down when I comforted him outside but I fear he will either get lose with their low fences or bite through his leash when she tries to take him out and they are by a main road.”

This lad is going to need a super experienced home to help him and would probably benefit from living with an older and calm dog who can show him the ropes. Are you that special person?

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Wiltshire- IN HOME
DOB 29.6.21
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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