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Kobe is a happy, healthy cross between a German and Belgian Shepherd, a big lad with lots of power and energy. He knows lots of commands, does tricks and loves playing with his or other people’s toys!

He’s still a youngster at 17 months and although he’s grown up in a young family environment he ideally needs an adult only household due to his power and current over excited enthusiasm! He gets very overwhelmed with visitors and doesn’t stop trying to jump up and welcome them, it is all friendly, but needs work in trying to calm and control him.

Kobe’s biggest flaws are having too much energy and lack of self control & regulation. He’s soooo excited to meet new people and dogs, that it’s often overwhelming for both him and the visitor, sending the wrong message that he just wants to say hello and play! His parents were both farm dogs and he ideally needs someone who will spend time outside and take him for lots of walks and exercise to burn off that energy. He absolutely loves travelling in the car, but if left alone for excessive amounts of time home alone, he can become destructive.

He loves to play with other dogs and we’re told hasn’t shown any aggression, but being a solid dog, he’s not good at making first impressions as he charges towards a new play pal! Due to his over enthusiastic personality, he is currently only lead walked, although we’re told that he has excellent recall when there’s no other dogs to distract him.

He wouldn’t be suitable for a home with a cat, but should be fine with another active dog friend if properly introduced. Alas his current owners are unemployed and losing their home and unable to find any friends or relatives that can take Kobe on, so looking for an urgent forever home in capable hands.

Kobe has been rehomed by his owner.

West Sussex - IN HOME
DOB 25.12.21
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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