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Kunga’s mum is splitting up with her husband and is having to move into a much smaller property that does not allow any pets.  Also she works long, and often unsocial hours so is unable to devote the time to Kunga and is very reluctantly looking for a new home.

Kunga is 5 years old, neutered and in very good physical condition: ears, eyes and teeth are all good, although her nails could do with a trim.  When I arrived at the property, she greeted me in a friendly, inquisitive way.   She is an average size, weighing 33Kgs.  She has a beautiful coat which is Black/tan with a redish tint. Her vaccinations have lapsed, her last vaccination was on 9th December 2016. She was treated for worms and fleas, last month.

Kunga has been very well trained and knows lots of commands, although she only understands commands in Polish. She loves her ball on a rope and her mum has used her ball as a reward when training rather then treats.  A whistle is used for her recall.   She walks well on the lead, her mum uses a harness, rather than a collar.  Kunga can get a little excited a times, but only in a playful way.

Kunga loves people and is good with children, having grown up with her human sister who is now 8 years old. She gets on well with other dogs. Her mum used to be a dog walker, so Kunga has been well socialised.   If other dogs are noisy or aggressive towards her, she tries to avoid them, so in these situations is better off lead. Kunga comes from a working breed line and she relishes exercise and stimulation and is particularly good at scent work, which she really enjoys.

Kunga is a very good all rounder and would make a wonderful companion to a family that has time to devote to her.  The new owners will need to be made aware she only understands commands in Polish.  Given the current situation, Kunga needs a new home as soon as possible.

Kunga has been adopted.

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