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Leo is a GSD cross Mali. Her is 9 years old and is neutered and microchipped. Vaccinations are out of date. He has been in the same home since a pup however due to his male co-owner moving abroad, he now needs a new home as his mum cannot have him full time due to a young step daughter. Leo is not keen on young children. This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“I knocked the door and was greeted with a GSD bark, Rosie opened the door with Leo on the lead, he saw me and stopped barking, he was more interested in sniffing my trousers.

My immediate thoughts were that he was a lovely looking dog that looked more like a Mali than a GSD, for the time I was there, I also took him for a short walk, I thought he reacted quieter than a Mali but more like a GSD.

He is in good condition, ears ok but has had problems in the past. He knows sit, down, give a paw and has some recall when in an enclosed field with high fences.

He was attacked, in his first year, by a larger dog that bit him on the neck, since then he has been wary of large dogs but ok with smaller ones. He lives with a terrier bitch without any problems, she’s the boss. He has been brought up without any contact with children, he doesn’t like them. Rosie had had since he was 10 weeks old.

He is on a low dose of steroids which have kept his clear of infection. No problems at the vet, he’s not worried about fireworks or loud noises but he did give a howl at the sound of the sandwich person arriving at the nearby building site.

He will make a lovely companion for a family that doesn’t have young children.

Leo has been rehomed by his owner.

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