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We took Levi in from another rescue. His owner could not cope with him apparently. He is 5 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinations have been started. Obviously not a full GSD. Mum was a GSD and Dad was a GSD cross.

This poor lad has not really left the home he was born in so no awareness of the outside world and strangers, so all very new and scary for him. Because of this, no young children. Seems fine with the other dogs at the kennels and has met the cat there and showed no aggression, just had a good sniff.

Levi needs a calm and confident home that can show him the world is a fun place to be. In return he is a very sweet and loving lad!

Levi has had a break from kennels for assessment and this is what foster dad has to say:

“Levi is a great little dog with a big personality.  He is gentle, loyal and very affectionate and the only thing he loves more than people is his grub.  The photos don’t really do him justice.

He jumped into the car quite eagerly but, as soon as we moved off started to bark and didn’t stop until we got home.  As we were strangers, carting him off, we didn’t worry too much but after a week with us he was the same on the return journey so he obviously doesn’t travel well.  While he was indoors with us he was a joy, a bit clingy with me but loves everybody and had no problems at all with our dog.  Welcomed visitors and completely house trained.  Will sit, give a paw, stay or lay down, particularly if there is a treat involved.  Recall from the house or garden is good.  He has a habit of whining when being stroked, sounds as though he is crying but we soon realised that it is his way of showing pleasure, a bit like a cat purring.  He is not boisterous or playful and ignores toys.  He likes to eat, sleep and gaze adoringly at you while you stroke him, in that order.

Going for a walk starts off with huge excitement and lots of barking but he soon settles and walks quite nicely, but, as he sees people he rears up and barks.  It is definitely not aggressive he is desperate to meet and lick new people but it is easy to misunderstand and could frighten people,  With work and training this should improve,  I don’t think Levi is a dog that could be left alone, or even with another dog for long as he does want to follow you wherever you go in the house or garden.  He will make a loyal, loving family pet, I think good with children. Manageable size and cross-breeds tend to be quite healthy.”

Levi went into a new home for a few days but sadly became fixated on the man of the house and got very stressed when he was out of sight. He will need confident integration into a new home where he is ‘ignored’ to start so he does not latch on to one person and understands he will get attention when it is given. A very insecure lad who needs the right guidance please.

Levi has been adopted with a lovely family who are working with his separation issues.

Levi has passed over Rainbow Bridge.

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