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May I introduce the rather stunning Lilly. Lilly was picked up as a stray and if we had not been able to take her in with the help of another kennels, she would have been pts as her time was up.

Lilly is 4 years old. Her vaccinations have been started and she is microchipped. Unknown if spayed.

This is what our volunteer says about Lilly:

“She walks great on lead and only pulls when she gets a whiff of something and wants to investigate. Very responsive to her name which is lovely 😊She knows sit, paw and down and will do for treats or if you just ask her too. She can be unsure of new people but will approach and have a sniff and makes friends quite quickly.

She hasn’t met dogs but was good kennelling with a dog either side of her at my kennels and she was one of the quietest I had in that block! She is interested in other dogs and tail wags when she sees them then she goes to run/chase a bit but has shown no aggression what so ever. The farm cat we have onsite walked under her whilst she was standing still and I was holding the lead and then the cat brushed herself up her chest and Lilly just looked her – I think she was in shock! Then as the cat casually walked away she moved forward with her mouth open   Half heartedly but was a bit away so no way could of got her if she tried!

Fine for me to handle all over and just unsure at first of new things and quickly settles.”

Lilly has spent a week in foster for assessment and this is what her foster dad had to say:

“Lilly is another healthy, good looking and happy dog with no major issues.  She came straight to us and jumped eagerly into the back of the car.  When she first met our dog, Juke, she was a little bit jittery but within  few minutes she was fine.

She is quite a character, when she first gets up after rest she does the normal stretch of her back legs but then does a little trick where she walks with her front legs outstretched which looks just like a horse doing dressage.  She knows all basic commands and obeys, but in her own time.  Loves to play and her favourite game is to wait at the bottom of the stairs for Juke and ambush him.  He is a bit too old and doesn’t find it at all funny.

Very loving and friendly with visitors but is very vocal when they first arrive, it is excitement not aggression but could be intimidating for anyone nervous of dogs, She also barks when she spots a shadow through the frosted glass of the street door.  She can be a little bit jumpy and even barked the first time she heard the clock chime.

When out walking she is strong on the lead but manageable and doesn’t worry about people or cars, bikes, etc.  If she sees another dog she pulls but does not bark,  Walking her is, however, a slow process as she finds interesting smells every few feet and really takes time to fully appreciate them.

High fences are a must as she is very fit and jumps like an athlete.  She will need plenty of exercise and stimulation but will make someone a loyal friend and a great house dog.”

Lilly has set off to start her new life.

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