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May I introduce Lola who according to her microchip is a Malinois cross Cane Corso. She is not up to date with her vaccinations and is not yet spayed. She did have a season in August so could be done at the end of November. This is what our volunteer has to say about her:

“Lola was taken on at one year of age from a friend. Lola has struggled behaviourally since they got her and the problem has steadily got worse. She is crate trained and this has been a useful tool as she is very reactive towards visitors. She did not bark when I arrived but she was crated and it was covered. For the owners to feel comfortable letting her out she was muzzled and on lead. She repeatedly tried to lunge at me so any new owner would have to have management in place to keep for visitors to keep everyone safe.

Out on the walk I could see how anxious Lola is. She wanted to keep moving forwards and when asked to sit intermittently she completely shut down. Lola really enjoyed sniffing, in fact, scent work may be a good option for her to focus and build confidence. I saw minimal reaction to people that we passed and a typical on lead guarding reaction to a dog she saw on a driveway. Lola seemed calmer and more steady with the male owner and may do better going to a male owner.

They only have until the end of this year until they lose their home and cannot take Lola to their family homes. She would benefit from a quiet home with an owner physically capable of controlling her and someone willing to work on her behaviour with strangers. Lola’s vaccinations will need to be restarted. The current owners are unsure about taking her to the vets due to her behaviour. Lola enjoyed going out jogging with the male owner and this is also something that a new owner may wish to try with her as a means to connect with her, tire her out and perhaps help her cope with triggers in the environment.”

Can you help Lola please?

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