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How pretty is Lottie, just 18 months old, not yet spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped.

Lottie is an enthusiastic youngster (running on every ready batteries) with boundless energy.   She loves life & is curious about EVERYTHING, interested in all that is going on around her & keen to get involved.  She did make a good inspection of our assessor’s handbag, & could make a great pic pocket, especially if your pockets are filled with treats!

Our assessor found Lottie to be warm & friendly once she settled down although rather lacking in boundaries, which is probably more a reflection that she lives in a very busy household where she is just not getting the dedicated one on one time, exercise or boundaries that this growing teenager needs!

Lottie is looking for a home with older children where she burn off some of her excess energy & where she can learn some manners & where she won’t feel the need to shout to be heard.

Whilst Lottie has lived with an older dog, she can be selective towards other dogs when out, especially whilst on the lead, although our assessor felt this was a reflection on her high levels of enthusiasm to go and say hello…

Lottie would make a fantastic addition to an active home with some experience of unruly teenagers & once she settles will make a very loyal and loving family member.

Lottie’s owner found her a home.

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