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Archie and Lottie are looking for a home together as they are extremely bonded and Lottie takes her confidence from Archie. Archie is 3 years old and he is neutered and microchipped but his vaccinations are out of date. Lottie is also 3 years old and is spayed and microchipped but again, vaccinations are out of date.

Both dogs are fine with older children they have met out and about but as they have not had much contact with children, best not to live with youngsters. Archie is friendly with other dogs but does start by being vocal however Lottie is not great as she gets anxious through fear having been bitten when very young.

Archie and Lottie greeted our volunteer quite vocally but settled down. Used to being left for up to 4 hours and both dogs travel well in the car. They have also both been in their home since pups. Archie can pull on the lead but has recall and basic commands, however Lottie has a problem going for walks as she gets so anxious about meeting other dogs and she will plant herself and turn to try to get home When she does walk she also can pull and has recall and basic commands. Both dogs respond well to treats.

Due to Lottie’s anxiety she is very dependent on Archie, despite being a typical bossy bitch at times. Their ideal home would be somewhere rural where she does not have to encounter many other dogs or a very experienced and patient home that has the time to work with her. Archie and Lottie need a new home now because of their owner’s ill health and change in circumstances. Can you help them please?

Lottie and Archie have been adopted.

3 years
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Yes - Older Only
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