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We were asked by a local council to take in Max who had been picked up as a stray and with no microchip, no owner could be traced. This is what we were told:

“I couldn’t find a chip, vet also checked and could not find one. I’ve had him for nearly 2 weeks. Toilet trained, never messes his kennels and will patiently wait til taken out on walk. Not trusting at first, but he loves food and will do anything for some sausages.

Loves a ball, takes it out with him on walks.

We took him to the vet on the 04/03/20 the day after he was found as he kept shaking his head and looked to have an issue with his ear. I had to muzzle him and vet had to sedate him to examine him.

He had an ear infection, it has been treated now and it’s gone. Whilst he was sedated, we havekennel cough / Parvo / advocate. Was wormed at our kennels too. Then we took him to the vet last Friday to get neutered. Although we still had to muzzle him, his reaction at the vet practice was much better, he didn’t lunge or bark as he did the first time. Had to do X-ray, he has hip dysplasia (left side)

He doesn’t appear to be dog friendly.”

Max is not great on his hips and his ears need managing on occasion, but he is loving his life.

Max has been adopted.

Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 18.3.14 (est)
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