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This gorgeous lad is 2 year neutered Max. He is good with children and other dogs. Will  need lead and recall training as can get quite excited but does have good basic commands. Max does not like giving up his toys so this will need working with. Max loves people however and with the right direction will be a super family dog.

Max was adopted by his owners a couple of months ago from a breeder. We were asked to help rehome him as the new owner’s job had changed so he did not have the time for him. When our assessor visited she pointed out that Max had a bad ear infection and needed to see a vet (as you can see from the head tilt in his original photos). The owner said he would get it checked out and come back to us. The next day he contacted our assessor and told her that the vet said nothing could be done so Max was booked into the vet’s the next day to be put to sleep. Our assessor phoned the vets to clarify what exactly the problem was to be told they had not seen the dog and the owner had phoned them to ask how much it would cost to have Max destroyed! Max was lifted from his home immediately and taken into emergency foster.

Max is currently in foster where his ears have received the treatment they needed and is turning out to be a lovely affectionate lad. The vet has advised that his ears could flare up if he becomes stressed but a quick course of antibiotics should settle them down again.

Lucky Max has found his forever home with his foster dad!



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