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Max was surrendered to the pound after he became over protective of his mum whilst she was pregnant. On arrival at Kennels Max was expectedly cautious of the vollie that met him, this was soon overcome with a treat or two before taking him for to stretch his legs in the paddock and then to his kennel. Max can be cautious of new people so prospective adopters should expect to have more than one meet with this boy to make sure they are the right people for him.

Once you get to know Max he is a very affectionate boy who likes a fuss and loves being groomed and towelled which is just as well as this boy loves the water and sticks, of all sizes the bigger the better, oh and he loves sticks in the water. Max has been having some training and is both toy and treat focussed and loves using his nose for scent play/work. His preference is for squeaky toys but as long as you are willing to play he will play with any toy for as long as allowed.

Max does have some recall and knows sit and paw so using toys and or treats this boy will come on in leaps and bound with regular training with the right people. Once out he walks nicely on a lead or long line and ignores most other dogs unless they are reactive or running fast straight at him. He travels ok in a van or car to the park and shows little or no interest in the squirrels or birds preferring to get his nose down and track. Whilst walking, even if busy sniffing he is still very alert and cautious of strangers walking close by something that will need further work.

Max does have ongoing ear issues but this is currently being easily controlled with a weekly clean. At the vets he was well behaved but does need to be muzzled, he is happy for this to happen as he knows the muzzle comes off as soon as he gets back outside.
Max is a devilishly handsome boy who needs an experienced home to continue to help him overcome his protective nature and where all members of the household will be involved in feeding, walking, training and playing with him. In the right home he will be a treasure.

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