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This handsome young man is Milo who is just 1 year old. He is not yet neutered but is microchipped and vaccinated. Good with children and other dogs, unknown with cats and fine with horses. This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“Milo is a lovely young dog who is very excited to meet people. He is very friendly and lives with a newborn baby and has regular contact with a 2 and 6 year old ion the home, so no issues with children. No food or toy possession issues.

Milo is very excitable but I found his behaviour to be completely normal for a 1 year old, nothing too boisterous or out of control, he just wanted a fuss made of him when we met and periodically he would come over to insist I fussed him for a few minutes again, but settled well when told to get his chew toy. Milo is crate trained and is happier going into the crate when being left alone than he is being left to roam the kitchen.

The owners have put the effort in with Milo in training him and looking after him, he is a very happy and obedient dog who would really benefit from further/advanced training as he seems eager to learn and obey. Still a growing pup so he is a little out of proportion currently, he has tall legs which his body needs to catch up with on the next growth spurt, he will be a good sized dog in height with a trim body. Milo is more of a semi than a short haired GSD so will need regular brushing. Paws and nails are in good shape, no concern with his movement in the joints.

There is no signs of aggression in Milo, he sometimes ignores other dogs and sometimes greets them with excitement, but no aggression. The owners have worked on the recall and have invented a game which they still practice to keep up the training and obedience.

It has taken a lot for Milo’s owners to come to this decision of rehoming him and it is not through anything to do with Milo, it is purely the time and expense of the newborn baby and not being able to give Milo what he needs.

He is great fun and playful but also obedient, a well balanced young lad.”

Milo has been adopted.

Dorset - IN HOME
DOB 22.6.22
Good with children:
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