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This lovely lady is 3 year old Nahla who is a GSD x Malinois. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Nahla has been with her owners since a pup however she is not good with children and they are due a baby very soon. Added to this, Nahla has taken a great dislike to the resident Spaniel and attacked him rather nastily, meaning they were having to be kept apart. As you can see though, her best buddy is a small dog. She is obviously very selective about her friends. She does live with a couple of cats, but will chase one of them. Probably best in a cat free home under the circumstances.

Nahla is an active girl and would suit an active home that has time to give her plenty of exercise and training. She does need some work on the lead, however walked nicely for our volunteer with some bribery, has recall when no distractions, and basic commands. She is toy and food orientated. She will air grab balls though.

Nahla needs an experienced home to get her on the straight and narrow as she hates bikes and will lunge at them when out. We are told she has nipped visitors however after a short time meeting our volunteer, she soon had her muzzle off and was being friendly. This girl needs a job, as her breeding means she needs her brain stimulated, as well as physical exercise.

Are you the right home for Nahla?

Nahla has found her own family again.


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