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Nannook is a GSD cross Husky. He is 9 years old, entire, not vaccinated or microchipped. This lad was owned by his mum’s partner who left him when he left the home. He had him from a pup but failed to ever take him to the vets. However, he appears to be in good condition. He also failed to bother socialising Nannook who consequently can be selective about which dogs he will get along with. A no to cats!

This handsome lad is typical of his breeding, and is a dominant male and very protective of his home. Our volunteer ensured he was muzzled when first meeting him inside. He came and had a good sniff then turned and started growling at her. She took hold of him by the collar and told him firmly no and although not happy, he did calm down. Unfortunately mum and her current partner have no experience of this type of behaviour so Nannook does rule the roost to a point. He has never bitten however but we would not rehome him with children.

Nannook walks well in a halti but will eat through leads if given the chance. He does have recall and basic commands but is toy and food possessive. He has loads of energy, typical of the Husky, and loves being over the woods or in water!

Nannook is now being left long hours and just needs an experienced home who can give him the exercise and leadership he needs. He could be a great dog in the right hands. Are you that person?

Nannook is now in our kennels in Cornwall and he is now fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.

Due to his guarding issues Nannook will be staying in our care.

Cornwall - KENNELS
9 years
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